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Dear Prospective Sorrento Homeowner,

We are thrilled you may be purchasing a home in our community. Please closely review all HOA documents before your closing so that you purchase this home with full knowledge of our HOA policies.

If you have never owned a home in an HOA, please take the time to understand and consider what that means. You do own your home, however, the HOA retains the authority to guide and control certain aspects of how you manage your home in accordance with state and federal laws. Owning a home in an HOA can be very different than owning a home that isn’t in an HOA. Some homeowners find it much easier and more convenient to be in an HOA that protects and guides the homeowners. Other homeowners can find it restrictive when things like the color of your home or the types of vegetation in your front yard are regulated.

If you have lived in an HOA previously, don’t assume the Sorrento HOA is similar to your previous HOA. You might find our community less restrictive or more restrictive than your previous HOA, and you should make sure this aligns with your expectations. You will be paying a monthly fee to the HOA and so should feel comfortable with the services and amenities we do and don’t provide.

All this is to say, please review all these documents carefully. You will be signing a contract to both buy your home, and then also own and maintain it as governed by the HOA. In essence, the purchase of your home is an agreement to follow the HOA rules as written in our Bylaws, CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines.

Should you have any questions, we are available to guide you. Contact us

Thank you!

Sorrento HOA

Important Documents to Review:

  • Last minutes of HOA
  • Bylaws
  • CC&Rs
  • Architectural Guidelines and Application
  • RV Lot Form
  • Common Area Usage Form